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Three Ways: the right way, the wrong way and the Army way.

Unique Leadership Axiom: whether you think it is right or wrong, there are rules to follow: Enduring Values – what the Army way it is about!

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Lead From the Front!

Unique Leadership Axiom: Armchair Leaders Kill Their Troops Leading from the front is doing what is right. Specifically, it is using everything in your experience, mind and memory to see and do the right thing.

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Thank God, Presidential Leadership at Last

The Rock in My Shoe

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Great leaders are Salesmen!

Unique Leadership Axiom: The alternative to inspiration is mastery of the system.

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Good Landings Are The Ones You Walk Away From.

Unique Leadership Axiom: Survival Is the Best Measure of Success. In A Genius For War Carlo d’Este credited General George Patton Jr with saying:     “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making … Continue reading

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Be All You Can Be

Unique Leadership Axiom: Only Your Best Is Worth Having. Whatever your society may be, its strength is no more than that of its weakest link. Therefore, for the good of all and especially for your good “Be All That You … Continue reading

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Never Sleep On Your Parachute

Unique Leadership Axiom: Never let personal comfort endanger your life. As a student at Caltech I was a member of the Air Force ROTC.  Back in the day, some of us cadets were flown to The Firepower Demonstration at Eglin … Continue reading

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Pack your own Parachute

Unique Leadership Axiom: Never trust your life to someone who does not know or care about you.

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Listen Up Governor Sanford

The Rock in My Shoe This is not commentary on what you have done.  This is the straight skinny on how you can regain your credibility.

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Every Takeoff Deserves a Safe Landing

Unique Leadership Axiom: A winning mission depends upon a thorough pre-flight check.

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