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The unique power of the military life style is a common set of beliefs strongly held and shared by all.

Sergeants Run The Army, Generals Run The War.

Unique Leadership Axiom: Day-To-Day Life is a local affair, but over the long haul the motivating decisions are made at the top.

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Good Landings Are The Ones You Walk Away From.

Unique Leadership Axiom: Survival Is the Best Measure of Success. In A Genius For War Carlo d’Este credited General George Patton Jr with saying:     “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making … Continue reading

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Never Sleep On Your Parachute

Unique Leadership Axiom: Never let personal comfort endanger your life. As a student at Caltech I was a member of the Air Force ROTC.  Back in the day, some of us cadets were flown to The Firepower Demonstration at Eglin … Continue reading

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Drop Your C***s and Grab Your Socks

Unique Leadership Axiom: In boot camp, where you learn to survive, the most primitive human needs are set aside every day for the accomplishment of the team mission.

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Polished Shoes Save Lives

Unique Leadership Axiom: When your life is on the line your habits will save you. In boot camp old habits die and new habits are born. It’s common for civilians to believe that boot camp is all about squashing initiative. … Continue reading

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