Great leaders are Salesmen!

Unique Leadership Axiom: The alternative to inspiration is mastery of the system.

This morning at breakfast, my wife and I as usual, started discussing life. As usual, there was a component of me bragging. I suggested a particular opportunity that she might apply to her teaching and blogging. The discussion continued through a change of venue and past her checking the laundry. She was not sold! At that point I realized why so often the people who had worked for me really didn’t like me. I was unable to sell them on my vision. Nonetheless as the boss, I told them what they had to do to achieve my vision. They understood me well enough to know that it was my way or the highway! From here in my 77th year, I have the perspective to know that:

  • I was not leading by inspiration nor was
  • I leading as a master of the military system within which I lived.

There is magic quality that is present in every great leader:

  • The vision of Great leaders inspires those who follow them.

Not every leader in a military unit or a business has this magic quality of selling their vision to those whom they lead. But, lead them, they must. There is a disparity between great leaders and the rest of us. This is why the military has a system in which leaders develop.

Leadership Focus: Military leaders successfully master tools of the system at each level as they rises through the ranks.

My Take: Leadership in the military is a matter of life and death. Therefore, mastery is the only acceptable path to leading where failure destroys lives, organizations, communities or countries.

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