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This blog site was initiated to discuss the idea that the jargon of the workplace is a direct reflection of the leadership. Simple as this idea seems, it requires a fair amount of editing for each post. I have decided to add periodic less carefully crafted posts reflecting less targeted thoughts.

Listen Up Governor Sanford

The Rock in My Shoe This is not commentary on what you have done.  This is the straight skinny on how you can regain your credibility.

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The Rock in My ShoeLeadership is a heavy burden.  The leader finds his strength in his convictions.  If when he reaches down for the strength of conviction he finds instead, his ego, then it is time to pull his head … Continue reading

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Presidential Training Wheels

The Rock In My ShoeWe all have training wheels provided us by the evolution of the species. One-trial-learning, which I refer to as training wheels, helps us survive in new situations. Unfortunately, it is also the root cause of prejudice.

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Organized and Creative

The Rock In My ShoeMichelle my wife is organized and neat.  I claim that my difference from that is creativity.  Almost every expert on management or business operation says you need to operate from a clean desk.  Never did that, … Continue reading

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